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Autumnal Resolutions

October 15, 2011

I’m taking a graduate class on the decline of community. Yeah, how depressing is that? But it makes me think a lot more about how I spend my time. So I’m making some autumnal resolutions. Because January is the worst time for resolutions anyway.

  1. Turn off the effing television. When you’re unemployed but in school and are home basically all day, it’s super-easy to have the TV on constantly. I’m going to make a concerted effort to leave it off unless I actually feel like watching it, because otherwise it’s a serious distraction and once it’s on, it’s hard to turn it off (especially if there is an NCIS, Doctor Who, or Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations marathon on).
  2. Bake bread more. I haven’t done this in a while and I’ve been buying bread. When I’m home all day. Yeah.
  3. Go outside once in a while for godssakes. Again, I’m home ALL THE TIME. The boy and I have gotten better at going hiking and such, but when the weather is crappy, it’s hard to get outside. Which is why when the weather is nice, I should be spending like all of my time outside.
  4. Pick up after yourself. I have the terrible habit of not cleaning up after myself when I’m done cooking in the kitchen. Which means I have a chronically messy kitchen. Which is not conducive to cooking, much less bread-baking. Also, the rest of the house needs better picking up too.
  5. Early to bed and early to rise. This one is hard because the boy is a night owl and I already get up kinda sorta early (read: I wake up at 7:30 when the alarm goes off, but generally don’t actually get up until 8:30). But I always feel like I waste my mornings instead of using them effectively.
  6. Stop wasting time on the stupid internet. This one will be really hard. First thing I do most mornings is check e-mail and Facebook, when then leads to blog reading, which then leads to mindless stupid searches on Etsy or Epicurious or just the plain internet. TIME WASTER. Lame.
And here is some stuff I’ve actually been doing pretty well at:
  1. Saving money. When you don’t have any, it’s easy to have the willpower not to spend it. Even though I sometimes break down and blow a few bucks (read: generally less than $10) at the thrift store.
  2. Using leftovers. This one is hard, but I’m getting better at it. It helps that the boy comes home for lunch.
  3. Cooking from scratch. I’m getting really good at this one. Being home all day means you can watch pots of simmering beans or soup or plan ahead to defrost stuff (usually) to roast it or whatever. It’s also good for baking bread, if I got off of my lazy butt and did it.
  4. Doing homework. I forgot that when you’re in grad school full-time, it means that it takes you a long time to get your homework done. Luckily, I’m doing pretty okay on this. Not great, but okay.
  5. Working out. I know, right? The boy has been good about reminding me to do so, but I’ve been working out on the elliptical for at least a half hour 4-6 times per week plus stretching and we also go on long (read: 4-5 mile) hikes on our days off. Sadly, I gained about 5 pounds (muscle, I hope!) but have now maybe lost a pound or two. And I’ve been doing this since the beginning of September. *sigh*
Okay, so those are the resolutions, fulfilled and as-yet-unfulfilled. Do you have any autumnal resolutions?
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  1. quilt32 permalink
    October 8, 2013 3:00 PM

    You have some excellent resolutions (I should adopt a few of them) and appear to be making good progress.

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