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No excuses

May 8, 2011

I really don’t have any excuses for posting lately. Especially since my last class of the semester was last week. But I’ve been focusing my energies on other creative outlets. In a few weeks, following a party we’re throwing to celebrate spring, some friends and I are launching an online magazine. I’m also writing a cookbook. I’ve got 15 pages so far. Nothing is ordered properly, although things are arranged by season at least. Soon I’m going to have to start test cooking.

Did I mention yardwork? Something is eating my garden, or parts of it anyway.

But that’s not an excuse. The thing is, I’m just not in the blogging mood lately. I’ve cooked up a storm. I made a church lady rhubarb cake I need to tweak. I made lemon garlic pasta with collards and zucchini. I made creamy gorgonzola pasta with green beans. The boy’s parents came to visit for a weekend and of course with his dad we got a lot of things fixed around the house. We all went garage saling and I got some good deals, though I’m the only one who bought anything. And today? I went to an organic CSA farm where a colleague and I are sharing a share. I bought rhubarb and ramps and cider. Holy crap are grilled ramps with olive oil, salt, and pepper amazing. This CSA also lets you buy plants, but I resisted the urge to buy lemon balm and mint as I haven’t anywhere to put it. Tonight I’m going to plant my zucchini and green bean seeds and purple ruffled basil and dill and baby carrots (they look like radishes – they’re cute, we’ll see if they grow).

I already have most of the menu planned for our party, which is happening on a Monday night. Mostly because that’s when the boy and his coworkers have their weekends (museums are open on weekends). However, I have the real weekend off (although I have to work on Monday), so I’ll have lots of time to prep and clean. I spent our Christmas party running around making/baking/plating the food, of which there was too much anyway, and didn’t have much time to spend with our guests. So this time? I’m using that weekend to make everything (or almost everything) ahead of time. Here’s the menu:

  • homemade buns with honey and salted butter
  • sliced ham and herbed cream cheese
  • fresh radishes with butter and salt
  • roasted asparagus, carrots, and ramps with olive oil, salt, and pepper
  • rhubarb clafoutis and/or cake
  • strawberries and cream
  • homemade pita chips and hummus
  • sparkling wine
I can bake the buns and clafoutis and pita chips the day before. I can even cut up the veggies and make the honey butter and herbed cream cheese the night before. Then when I get home from work (hopefully around 4 or 4:30) I can clean up and start plating things and put the veggies on to roast, then the girls will come over around 6 pm to help me set up and take pictures for the magazine. By 7 we should be done – the boy will start the fire around 6:30 or 6:45 and we’ll light the candles and people will hopefully be showing up by then!
I’m going to try using my mismatched vintage saucers as appetizer plates and teacups for the berries and cream. We’ll use real wine glasses for the sparkling wine, but if anyone drops anything on that stone floor I will be angry. We might even picnic outside if I can get my giant picnic blanket done by then. I bought 6 yards of brown flannel at Walmart today (bad, I know, but it was that or drive nearly an hour to the nearest JoAnn’s to pay three times as much) that I want to sew into a giant blanket. However, I still don’t have an electrical cord for my 1930s sewing machine (the original one broke) and modern one’s won’t fit. *sigh* So we’ll see if I can hand-sew it.
Okay, I just heard the dryer beeper go off. I’m washing the new fabric I got and it’s time to get out the iron and switch around laundry.
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