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December 30, 2010

Well folks, I made the long trek by air from NY to Fargo, ND yesterday – the lull between the blizzards, it seems. We just left a blizzard in the Hudson Valley and traded it for what is apparently going to be two in quick succession here in Fargo. One has us snowbound now and another is supposed to hit us tomorrow evening after a brief respite in the morning. I’m having to cram in time to see friends and it looks like New Year’s Eve plans will be totally shot.

On the up side, I’ve already gone to two thrift stores and picked up four vintage cookbooks for less than $3 (total, not each) as well as some linen napkins to match a tablecloth I already had ($1.79 for three), a tallish milk glass custard cup ($0.35 – I’m not joking), and four rolled-edge mini loaf pans at $0.49 each. I passed over a set of four milk glass cups and saucers with matching dinner plates for $10 because I know they would break on the way home. Oh, and I got a grey boiled wool sweater/jacket for $4. Yep. I miss Fargo thrift stores so much!

We also had a belated Christmas tonight. Mom made Swedish meatballs with lingonberries, mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, lefse (god I miss lefse!) and Scandinavian cookies for dessert. Oh, and Kristian Regale pear cider to drink. *nom* Then we opened presents. A lot of wool products and books got exchanged, but my big present was a USB microphone so I can record music. I also got a book about reclaiming domesticity that is quite good so far.

Tomorrow I will try to take some pictures of the snowy devastation. With my new camera, of course! Tomorrow is braving the snow to have brunch with an old friend and her husband who’ve traveled all the way from the UK to visit her parents. And now to go snuggle the boy in our snug little bed away from the storm!

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