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The lure of cookies

December 12, 2010

Usually, I am a cake kind of girl. I love that it is soft and dense and moist (at least, those are the kinds of cake I love best). But around this time of year, cookies hold their own allure. For one, they are often bite-sized (unlike cake) and that means that you can try more than one without feeling too guilty. For another, they are usually less crumbly than cake (usually) and can be easily eaten out-of-hand. They also last longer and serve more people.

I’ve never baked “christmas cookies” before – meaning I’ve never intentionally baked loads of cookies for the holiday season. But this year, I kind of want to try. And here is a list of the recipes I want to attempt this year:

Old German Honey Cookies

Soft Glazed Gingerbread


Christmas Buttermilk Cookies

My own version of coconut macaroons (the secret is using dried, unsweetened coconut)

Chewy Ginger Chocolate Cookies

Orange and chocolate shortbread (or similar crispy little cookie with orange zest and possibly dipped in chocolate)

That’s probably more than enough. Madeleines are also festive. I might make those with orange zest instead of the orange shortbreads. Will I actually bake all of these? Debatable. Macaroons are getting baked for a historic site event (they are historic, after all). And I’ve been wanting to try the rugelach, soft gingerbread, and honey cookies forever.

So yes, that’s the plan. We’ll see how far I get. 🙂 And now? Off to snuggle the boy by the fire. 😀


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