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O! Christmas Tree!

December 11, 2010

Today the boy and I went hunting for a christmas tree. We went to Pine View Farms and cut our own. It was a chilly, muddy, hilly endeavor and trying to pick the perfect tree can be trying at times, but we persevered through lovely weather (40+ degrees and sunny) to find a beautiful blue spruce. Just a hair over seven feet. Prickly as all get out, but smells AMAZING.

Here I am with the already cut tree – I am holding it up and waiting for the boy to transfer it to the tree cart. That sucker is heavy!

Every Christmastide I am torn between decorations – part of me loves the old-fashioned Yule colors of red and green, with brown paper wrapping and white snowflakes and paper lace. And woolly and wooden ornaments with pinecones and birds and all those pretty things. And the other half of me loves the solstice-y colors of blue and white and silver – snowflakes and glitter and blue glass and icicles and bright white lights and stars.

Of course, one year at IKEA I hit the ornament jackpot – cobalt glass drop ornaments and ribbed blue glass balls and sweet little blue hearts in silver spring circles and blue and white Swedish heart baskets. Last year our little apartment tree couldn’t hold them all. But this year the big spruce took just about everything and I bought glittery snowflakes and icicles and silver glitter balls with silver jingle bells to go with it. And our gorgeous Moravian star topper.

Wanna gander?

Isn’t it pretty? And here’s our little tree out on the front porch:

Not as pretty a decorating job, but this one was more half-assed. Lol.

Still now snow in the land of the Hudson. Which I partly enjoy and partly don’t enjoy. Allow me to explain: I love snow – I think it is pretty and clean and I like snowshoeing and I love the quiet of the first snow. I love big fluffy snow that falls softly and quietly. What I don’t love? Shoveling the driveway. Scraping my car. Icy roads. Icy stairs and sidewalks. Driving sleet. Blizzards (unless I’m snug and well-provisioned and snowed in). See my dilemma?

If we have a brown Christmas I will be disappointed. Of course, upstate the boy’s parents have snow, so I won’t have a brown Christmas after all. Or a brown New Year’s, as I’ll be back in Fargo, where they apparently have FEET of the stuff. And the sub zero weather to match.

Y’know, there’s just something lovely about the glow of christmas tree lights. It’s like candlelight. I think for the solstice I’m going to try turning off all the lights and just operating by candle and tree light. Just for fun. And maybe firelight. Life seems more magical that way.

I’m feeling the need to bake lately. Cookies. Quickbreads. Pie. Bread. But cookies mostly. I feel the need. The need to make christmas cookies! Coconut macaroons are definitely on the short list. And molasses crinkles. And rugelach. Apricot and chocolate. And something with almond paste. Or pecans. But probably not both. And Russian cherry crescents. Maybe some kind of shortbread. Or something with figs. Or orange and chocolate. Or cranberries.

Man, the holidays are fattening! Lol. Can’t wait for the holiday party we’re hosting in just over a week. I’ve got the whole day off to cook and bake and clean. We’ve got quite a few people committed to coming, so it should be fun – everyone crowded into our little living room, kitchen, and front porch! 🙂 And then it’s just a day later that we go upstate for Christmas, then come back downstate for a day or two, only to hop on a plane and head to Fargo for New Year’s! It’s going to be a busy month, I think.

Especially since I haven’t finished my final, final paper! And I’ve work in the morning. 😦 Oh well – I need the money! Still have presents to buy yet. So I’m off to bed. G’night!

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