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The beauty of fire

December 5, 2010

Fire is beautiful. It gives light, warmth, and gives you something to stare at on a cozy evening.

I spent the day in an unheated building serving food and snacks for a Christmas event at the museum I work at. Yesterday was hideously cold and I wasn’t dressed properly. Today I dressed for the weather (hiking boots, wool long underwear, several layers of shirts and a sweatshirt, scarf, and wool coat), but the wind was whipping even more and it was a bit colder as well. So by the time I got home I was quite cold.

The boy and I had a quick dinner of pretzel bagels and cream cheese (leftover from the event) and minestrone soup (also left over from the event). Then I took a HOT shower to warm up and now I’m snuggled up on our giant comfy couch with the fire crackling merrily away. I love dating a boy who loves to build fires. 🙂

Fire is lovely, though. We have a couple of holly trees (yes, holly!) in our backyard, (along with a larch, blue spruce, and other types of coniferous trees) and we burned some of the branches we trimmed and boy do they burn hot and bright! I’m also slowly collecting pinecones to make a garland to go above the mantle. And we’ll cut holly and greens for christmas decorations. I’ve already my big green fruit full of cheerful orange tangerines and oranges.

Next weekend we’re off to cut our own tree. We’re excited to have our first live tree for christmas (we both grew up with fakes). But having hardwood floors instead of carpet do make clean-up so much easier…

But back to the fire. I like fire. The boy likes fires. He likes candles possibly more than me, which is a little scary to think about, because I really like candles. 

And yes, we have andirons. They are brass and adorable and were $20 at an antiques store that we like to frequent. The screen and tools were on sale, courtesy of Lowe’s. And I think they fit very nicely with the house. I wasn’t sure about the whole “gothic” design, but it looks nice. More art nouveau-y than gothic.

Okay, off to pull my knitting down from wherever it is. Cold weather makes a girl crave wool yarn and cuddling up on the couch with some mindless television. Or a boy, which is infinitely more entertaining. 🙂 Off I go!

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