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Cold Bones

September 16, 2010

My bones are starting to feel the chill. Am I that old already? No, I can’t be. Must just be I can feel autumn finally. It’s getting chilly around here. High around 70 each day and gorgeously sunny. Today it got rainy and cold late afternoon. I love it.

The housewarming party was nice, but about half the people we invited weren’t able to make it either last minute or in advance. Which was disappointing. So there was WAY to much delicious food. The remainder of us stuffed ourselves silly, though, and enjoyed the fire and hot cider by the end of the evening. And there was lots of good conversation, of course. I’m still swimming in bbq pork, however. Gotta freeze most of it for later, I think.

Also, I of course forgot to take pictures. I’ll have to have another get-together sometime with the pretty lights and the fire and take pictures to post.

The new job is so much less stressful than the old one I almost can’t believe it. Although the long drives on Tuesday and Wednesday nights up to class are no fun. Still, I’m trying to unwind my tight neck and back muscles. A hot bath and epsom salts helped last night.

The new place hosts a farmer’s market every Wednesday. I was sad this week that I wasn’t able to get any produce, mostly because I was broke and had to save my cash for Thruway tolls, but also because said produce would have to sit in my car for over 6 hours before it could see a refrigerator. But I have the last paycheck from my old job neatly in my checking account, so next week I’ll have to bring a little extra cash.

Money is a little tighter right now. I’m not working as many hours yet at the new job and it’s less $ than the job I held all summer (but wasn’t going to get to keep) at the old place. But it’s so much less stressful it’s worth it. So I’ve been brown bagging it for lunch and for dinner on the nights I go to class. And now that I have more free time I’ll be able to cook more at home. Which in autumn is always easier than summer because you can use the oven.

Tonight I’m going to do something with a bunch of fresh tomatoes one of my coworkers gave me. She’s got a bumper crop at home. I got a loaf of French bread and some mozzarella. I’m either going to make bruschetta, or turn the bread into toasts and make a white bean garlic dip to go with tomatoes in balsamic vinegar. Haven’t decided yet. Thought I’d better make summer last, since it seems so determined to leave quickly. I’m resisting the temptation to immediately buy squash and sweet potatoes and apples, despite their ready availability. Although I did buy two adorable little cabbages today. And a bag of local potatoes (only $1.49 for 5 lbs!). They’re white, not red, like my favorite. But they’re grown in the area, so I thought I’d try them out. Plus, they’re less than half as expensive as the reds. Might have to make green onion soup with them if this chilly weather keeps up. Or smoked paprika roasted potatoes. That would be good with leftover bbq. Maybe tomorrow.

Okay, just wanted to update. Time to either start making dinner or take a much-deserved nap. We’ll see which.

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