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Cookbook or magazine?

September 5, 2010

The cookbook has been largely abandoned, mostly because I simply don’t have time to test recipes right now.

HOWEVER, a few coworkers and I had the fabulous idea to start a magazine. Maybe. I’ve always wanted a magazine that would be part Gourmet, part Victoria, part Taste of Home, part Domino, and part Mother Earth News. Y’know? A magazine that celebrates fresh seasonal simple food, romantic historic style and fashion, a comfortable, well-designed home, and fun crafts and projects, all with a sustainable bent.

Would you buy it? I would.

Maybe it’s just autumn, but this cooler weather is getting my creative juices going.

Sometime before the weather gets too cold I’m planning a picnic with my two friends and we’ll take pictures and then we’ll have a feature article!

Until then? School. Work. School. New Work. Homework. Consulting work. School. Work. Family!!!

That’s right, my family is coming to visit in October! I haven’t seen them since New Year’s 2010 and that was only for a few days. It’ll be fun having them in the new house. Which today we’re going to clean in anticipation of our housewarming party this coming weekend.

Oh, and did I mention I have to work on Labor Day? It just doesn’t seem fair… Oh well.

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