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No internet… but a house!

July 12, 2010

Since moving on the 3rd, we have been without internet, but have been enjoying the most adorable little 1920s-era house. It’s called Bramble House (we named it) because there are raspberry brambles running rampant everywhere.

Despite the awesomeness of having a house (rented, not owned), several not-so-fun things have happened in the last week.

The boy’s boss died after a long bout with cancer. The funeral was today. I’m in an interim position at work and got summarily demoted to my former position (I won’t even be included in the search for the permanent position I was interim-ing in) for no reason other than I lack “management experience.” But I still have to handle the stress and crazy schedule of the interim position for another two months while they do a search. At least I still get the bigger paycheck until then. But I am bitter and frustrated now. *sigh* And to top it all off, here in the Hudson Valley, the temperature has consistently topped 100 every day for over a week. With only a little rain. The poor grass (and my inherited bleeding heart!) is getting scorched beyond belief.

I will hopefully have internet by Thursday (our third rescheduling) and a new front-loading washer (no more laundromat! Hurray!) and I finally found my camera, so I will make attempts a picture posts this weekend.

And how, you may ask, do I have internet at the moment? Barnes & Noble. Enough said.

And now, I’m off to purchase two light novels and retire to our brand new, gorgeous, ridiculously comfortable (if huge) couch at home. It’s been a VERY long week.

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  1. Lindsey permalink
    July 12, 2010 6:07 PM

    Bah! That’s stinks about your job!! But I’m excited to see pictures of your house. You make it sound so cute 🙂

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