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It’s been a busy month!

April 26, 2010

Holy crap people. I haven’t posted since April 3rd! Well, there’s a reason for this. A) I started a new job on April 5th. B) A week ago I was promoted to Interim Director of the department I got hired into as my boss is leaving. C) School just got done last week. D) I’ve been working crazy-ass hours around 6 days per week.

However, I’ve still found (some) time to cook! This past weekend we had a Mad Hatter tea party at the historic site I work at. It was super fun and I made all the food. I made earl grey madeleines, frosted orange drop cake cookies, coconut macaroons, cucumber sandwiches with dilled cream cheese on rye bread, and radish sandwiches with well-salted butter. We also had tea biscuits and bread with butter, currant jelly, and orange marmalade.

The party was so fun! We had 16 girls and moms and grandmas and aunts. We made paper flowers, toured the Victorian house on site, had a tongue twister contest, and tried to figure out Victorian riddles. We also talked about Victorian etiquette and Alice in Wonderland (the Disney version) was playing in the background. Definitely a successful event!

I probably won’t have time to update for a while as we are still transitioning with new staff and hiring, but I just wanted to update to let you know I was still alive! I may have time later tonight to post the recipes I used for Mad Hatter.

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