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Sick and sewing

March 11, 2010

Hello all. I am sick. No, not the throwing up kind or the horrendous cold kind, I’m pretty sure what I have are recurring symptoms from the mono/tonsilitis I had last year. I have been very tired this past week and now have a sore, dry throat. So I’m staying home from work today and will be taking a nap after lunch, but just wanted to post that being sick has given me an opportunity to catch up on some of my sewing!

Repairs, mostly, the boy had a sweater that was ripping out in the arms, which I mended, and I had a couple of cardigans where the collar was coming away from the rest of the sweater, which I also fixed. All this sewing has made me want to do some embroidery, though! I’ve got one old cardigan that is just plain green with white, flower-shaped buttons and a yellow flowered grosgrain ribbon on the interior of the seams. I’m thinking about maybe doing some small white and yellow daisies on the shoulder, but I’m scared to! Lol… I don’t want to ruin good clothes, but I might go for it at some point.

I’m definitely going to start keeping an eye out for cute cardigans to decorate, and maybe do some of my plain cotton button-ups, too. They are all kind of pale, springy colors, but are pretty plain just by themselves. We’ll see. Gotta do more research.

But I’m pretty tired again now. Going to go eat something and then take a nap. At least I’m catching up on my sleep!

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