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January 24, 2010

It’s January. My birthday is in two days. Being from Fargo, I’m used to bitter cold, icy wind, snow, frost, and lots of sunshine all winter. Here in the Hudson River Valley, there is very little snow on the ground, the temperature hangs out around 32, and the days alternate between dry and wetly raw, sunny and overcast.

I never thought myself affected by seasonal affective disorder (SAD), but I’ve been feeling the lack of sunshine since the move out here. Maybe it’s because we had such a dark, rainy summer that literally melted into fall.

I was hoping for a sunny day today (like yesterday) so that the boy and I would have nice weather for thrift storing and a bit of a walk. Instead, the entire sky is the same shade of white/grey. *sigh* It went from spring-like, to dreary January in a single day.

When you think of your ideal place on earth, is there sunshine? There is in mine. My ideal place on earth is somewhere with open spaces (so either back home on the prairies, up at the boy’s parents’ on the high edges of the Mohawk River Valley, or somewhere here in the Hudson Highlands), gently rolling hills, Some trees, but not too many, babbling little brooks, creeks, and rivers hidden in the grass and tumbling over rocks in the woods. A cape cod or Tudor-style cottage (you know, the pointy, ’30s ones) with a big vegetable, garden, lots of old-fashioned flowers, and a red or yellow barn with a single jersey cow, a couple of beef cattle, and chickens or ducks for good eggs. Lilac hedges, fruit trees, and a lively sable and/or blue merle sheltie and possibly a Burmese mountain dog (the boy loves shelties, I love big dogs). And sunshine, lots of sunshine broken by blustery, rainy fall days, violent summer thunderstorms, fairy snow, and gentle spring rains.

*sigh* Now that’s got me dreaming! Ah well. Best thing to do on a dreary day.

I think I understand now why ancient peoples¬†worshipped the sun. How could you not? Even though it’s the earth that does the turning, it’s the sunshine that determines the seasons and the growing season. It’s the sun that gives warmth and growth and life. I never appreciated the sun so much back home because it was always around, giving light, if not always warmth. I miss it out here. I will have to go salve my soul with gorgeous, bargain vintage glass hunting and a piece or two of costume jewelry. : ) Off to get ready!

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  1. January 24, 2010 9:43 AM

    Winter really gets to us, too. It’s been triply hard this year because of renovation stress, and the fact that I’ve been sick for five weeks now. Blah.

    Once I read that the single most important predictor of the subjective happiness of a population isn’t per capita income, government stability, availability of goods and education, etc… it’s living in a warm climate. Amen to that.

  2. vintagejenta permalink*
    January 24, 2010 1:54 PM

    Well, I don’t know about living in a warm climate! I don’t mind winter, as long as there is sunshine. And snow. Winter cold without snow is icky.

    Are you still sick? I hope you feel better soon! Maybe make some soup. I’ve decided that January is soup month (as evidenced by my posts for the month) and soup is good for you. Get the hubby to go buy some fresh bread and cut your veggies whilst you stew a chicken or ham hock or smoked turkey leg. Then eat and feel better!

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