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Wintery meal for two

December 22, 2009

I made dinner. It was delicious. I’ve been “eating down the cupboards” recently. I picked up a bag of Ida Red apples from Adam’s recently (delicious variety if you ever get to try it – not the most crisp of apples, but definitely up there for intense flavor!), had plenty of onions on hand, had some fresh green beans that needed eating, half a batch of biscuit dough in the fridge, and two left in a pack of six kielbasa sausages.

So, I made apples ‘n’ onions with sausages, green beans, and biscuits with honey butter! It was delicious. See?

That, by the way, is the only enameled cast-iron pan that I own, and I love it! It is brown and white and from the 1970s and from Norway! Mom gave it to me before my move. Here’s more deliciousness…

And here’s what was for dinner yesterday:

Barbecue chicken with collard greens! I cheated and used bottled sauce and frozen collards, but it still turned out quite lovely! I’m dutifully trying to take more pictures to live up to other photo/cooking blogs out there. : )

Did I mention I made rice pudding?

Mmmm… apple cinnamon arborio rice pudding! So delicious. The boy dove in as soon as he got home. He didn’t even wait until after dinner! Lol…

I’ve also been trying to make smaller portions of dinner lately. So far, it’s been working out pretty well! I still make too much soup, but I’ve been cutting it down a bit. So I’m proud of myself. I’m also proud of myself for trying to creative in eating what we have. So far, I think I’ve been doing pretty well. It’s nice to have a little extra room in the fridge! I still have leftovers, but they’re the kind of leftovers that can be consumed in one meal or incorporated into another meal, instead of having days and days of meals out of one pot of soup or skillet of rice & beans. I just have to keep reminding myself that there are just two of us!

You know what else I’ve discovered? When you use a smaller pan/pot, you make less food! Shocking revelation, I know, but it’s not something I’d really ever thought about before.

Anywho, off to do a little necessity shopping at Target. And try to avoid spending any more money than absolutely necessary.

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