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Lethargy? Or just other things to do?

December 11, 2009

I have been sadly neglectful of this blog of late. Yes, I’ve been cooking. Yes, I’ve even been taking pictures! But the updates? They do not come. I thought I would be blogging oodles more now that I’m down to 10 hours/week at work, but instead, I find myself sleeping in, knitting, vegging on the couch, and yes, cleaning like a madwoman.

October and November were seriously busy months for me, and the apartment has been just as seriously neglected. Starting on Wednesday, I began what will probably turn into a two-week effort to clean and thoroughly organize the whole apartment. Now, our apartment is not large. It’s not itty-bitty like some Manhattan digs, but it’s definitely not spacious and we have little to no storage space. Did I mention the walls are plaster so you can’t hang shelves (or pretty much anything else for that matter?) and that the kitchen only has two overhead cupboards and that they are half sized? And only three under-the-counter cupboards? (Not including under-sink storage). And the only counter space (about 2’x1.5′) being taken up by the microwave? Yeah. Space is at a premium everywhere. We’ve invested so far in one giant stainless steel shelf to go in our storage hallway (between the living room and bathroom, there is a recessed area where this shelf fit just perfectly) that has been our saving grace. As has the skinny, but towering stainless steel shelf in the kitchen. A highboy, bedside dresser, and shoe shelf (yes, I’m addicted, but it’s pretty well under control), and two nice under-bed storage boxes (complete with nifty wheels!) have been purchased in the last few months. As have some 3M hooks that I have since lost. And I cleaned one of our very wide windowsills to store our overflow books. But the storage battle continues.

The kitchen is the worst of it. I definitely need some hooks and a magnetic knife rack for utensils and more pots & pans. I’m already hanging several skillets, potholders, a box grater, and my cutting boards on the cleverly provided hooks of the stainless steel tower. But I need more! Also, I need hooks for handbags, scarves, and belts. ‘Cause I have a lot of all three. And maybe some itsy bitsy hooks for necklaces. Because my jewelry box (not large to begin with) is kind of overflowing.

Part of the reason why all these storage issues got put off is because we just didn’t have the money to fix them all at once. But another reason was that we weren’t planning on staying in this apartment for long. Alas, the market for rental cottages is competitive around here, and our apartment is just so dirt cheap, that we’re staying for the foreseeable future, lack of storage, parking, and all. *sigh* So my dream cottage is on hold.

It’s nice to live in a clean house, though. I’m not the biggest fan of cleaning, not because of the actual act of cleaning itself, but mainly because I am lazy or would rather be doing other things. But I find that if I force myself to get started, it’s usually not so bad, and can actually be kind of fun. Case in point? Dishes. I hate doing them until I actually force myself to do them. Then I kinda like it. Working for a year at the pastry shop, which was filled with doing dishes, cleaning, and other mindless tasks like folding pastry boxes, interspersed with rushes of customers and crabby old ladies who drank all the house coffee, I learned that I actually kind of like mindless tasks. I wouldn’t want to do them all day, but compared with tasks where you actually have to think, they are quite relaxing and freeing. You can let your hands do all the work and have time to yourself to think about whatever you want or to not think at all. It’s nice.

So yes, if you’re wondering where I’ve been, this has been it. Work, school, more work, and hanging out with the boy took precedence over blogging, I’m afraid. On Wednesday night we went tree hunting and hit three Targets before finally finding the fake tree we wanted (the first two Targets were sold out of it! Popular tree, I guess…). Last night we set it up (only 4.5 ft tall! But 6 ft sitting on the milk crate we put it on to fit presents under it) and I decorated it with silver and blue glass ornaments I picked up from IKEA last year after Christmas for super cheap. We decided it needed a star topper, so we headed to the local grocery store/everything store that had a nice Christmas section and discovered that everything was half off! So we got a neat white star and some blueish LED mini star lights and now it looks even better! I will post a picture or two once the rest of the living room is clean. : ) Right now our pathetic 4-year old poinsettia and scraggly looking basil are shedding all over the windowsill in the back. *rolls eyes at self* The cleaning is never done!

*sigh* The boy will be home soon, so I’ve got to go finish packing. We’re going upstate to his parents’ so I can get snow tires put on my car, as the current ones are pretty sucky in the snow. Thanks, Bank of Mom & Dad!

At any rate, just wanted to update and hopefully someday soon I’ll get back in the groove of posting about food.

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