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The great thing about eating seasonally

November 5, 2009

I hit the grocery store today, meaning just to pick up a loaf of french bread to have with leftover turkey & veg soup, and then I walked into the produce section. Adam’s is a very dangerous place for me. The entrance leads directly into the produce section, and boy do they have produce! And at such great prices! Adam’s is a pretty small chain (only 3 stores and all in the Hudson River Valley), so they can easily buy from small and medium-sized farms. Right now, local apples are $0.79/lb, local pears are $0.99/lb, and lots of local veggies are equally cheap.

And when I saw the Adam’s own Applefest sausage? For $1.22? With the Empire apples I had at home, onions, and a small very green cabbage I bought for $0.40/lb, I had dinner all planned! So I boiled the sausage in water and apple cider, added sliced apples and half a medium yellow onion sliced thin. I also steamed/briefly boiled half of the cabbage, then mixed in a couple tablespoons of butter and garnished with salt and pepper.

I’m waiting for the boy to get home before we eat, but I tried some of the sausage and it was delicious! And the whole meal cost, what $3, tops? And it’s 75% fruits & veggies! If we want to (and I suspect we might), we could dig into the $2 loaf of fresh french bread I bought, too. Which would bring the grand total up to $5 to feed two people with leftovers. This is the nice thing about cooking at home. And cooking seasonally.

Anyway, just thought I’d update and encourage everyone to check out their local farmer’s market/grocery store for some seasonal, local produce and get cooking!

UPDATE: It was delicious! The cabbage was amazing! I boiled it very briefly, just until tender, but still slightly crunchy and seasoned with butter and a little pepper & salt, it came out slightly sweet and even a little nutty. It was unexpectedly good. The sausage, apples, and onions were also good. I was afraid they would be a little too sweet, but they weren’t. I highly suggest trying this!

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