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Jobby McJobberson

September 18, 2009

Well friends, I did it. I got a job! I even managed to get one in the museum field – I’m now a part-time Education Director at outdoor museum! It’s been pretty fun so far, but I was warned about potential challenges by the executive director beforehand. Hopefully they won’t get too in the way.

This past week has been kind of crazy-hectic. The boy and I like to go out and do activities on our days off, so on Monday we went up to Hyde Park to visit FDR’s house and got stuck with the bad interpreter we had last time we were up there to visit Eleanor’s Val-Kill cottage! He’s really quite awful. So that was kind of disappointing, especially since we paid $28 for the two of us to take the tour. Luckily, that also covered the museum, which actually had very good exhibits, including one all about FDR pre-presidency that was from the 1970s and still better than some modern ones I’ve seen! Alas, we got there a little late in the day and had to rush through a couple of the exhibits. Next time I think we skip the house and just get museum/grounds tickets. By the way, Monday was also the day I learned that I got the job!

Tuesday I had class up at U-Albany and was struggling to get all my reading done for that week, then there was the long drive up for class, which was actually quite fun. We also did laundry that day. *makes face*

Wednesday was my first day of work, which was very overwhelming but mostly good. Everyone I met was extremely nice and I think I will get along well with all my coworkers. Then it was time for the ridiculously long drive up to Albany (my job is about a 1/2 hour south of where I live, so Wed. drives to class are 2 hours long) through new territory, which I don’t think I’ll do again, since the Thruway between 17 and the Newburgh exits was absolutely ridiculous. Plus, to get on 87 from 17, you have to pay a $1.25 cash toll, then you basically drive up an on ramp from the cash toll to the “real” toll for the Thruway (they give you a card saying where you started with all the amounts you will owe when you get off based on the exit you use). So I paid approximately $4.50 one way in tolls. Yuck. Not doing that again. Class was good that night (some of my classmates actually talked!) but after class I exited the U at a different point and got lost, then got mixed up, and ended up driving on I-90 East, which goes through Albany (instead of around) and which I’d never driven on before! I knew the theoretical exit, but missed it and got off on some random exit to try and turn around and had to go 10 or so miles down a county road before I could turn around and get back on the interstate! Then I missed the exit AGAIN and decided to go back to U Albany to regain my bearings, when I realized that I-90 West is what I get on usually from the U and I got off at my normal exit to get on the Thruway headed south.

Unfortunately, I was having a mild panic attack during all of this, and the boy (who could have told me which exit to take) was not answer his phone. Turns out that it doesn’t ring if he charges it through the computer (USB charger). It was 11 pm before I got home, after midnight before I calmed down enough to go to sleep, and I had work again at 9 am the next morning. Not fun.

Luckily, work yesterday was quite fun. I think I am really getting the hang of things. The boy got out of work early and we went on a quest for a new TV. Our old one was a parental hand-me-down from, not kidding here, 1980 or ’82. The picture color was messed up, it was only a 22″ or so screen, and for a while there, it was turning itself off without warning. SO, after Best Buy was out of the one we wanted (and all of the other Best Buys in the county were also out of it), we went on a long search to Sears, Target, and finally WalMart (I know, I know! Bad Sarah!) where we finally ended up buying a 32″ Sanyo that was on sale and had better picture quality than our original 26″ choice. It looks much nicer in our living room and it is very nice to watch movies on.

Today has finally been my day to sleep in, but I only slept in for an extra hour or so. I have to run down to work to fill out tax/payroll stuff later today and then the house needs a serious cleaning. The busy nature of the past few weeks has meant some serious neglect. Luckily, the boy has stepped up to do the dishes several times, and I have cooked a little these past few weeks.

If you remember the cider vinegar “sweet & sour” roasted vegetables and chicken I made a while ago, those got turned into a lovely stir fry with the addition of more cabbage and some green beans. The sauce was sesame oil, cider vinegar, a little light corn syrup for thickener, soy sauce, garlic, and brown sugar. I sliced the chicken and added that. I was originally going to make soba noodles to go with it, but the cabbage was sliced in thin strips and was so enticingly noodle-looking that I decided against it and was glad for it. So much healthier that way.

I made a tomato soup by cheating and taking a Campbell’s tomato bisque and adding chunky spaghetti sauce that needed using and a can of italian seasoned diced tomatoes. We had it with garlic cheese french bread slices. *NOM* I also made my usual “mexican” skillet with Zatarain’s spanish rice. I’ve been trying to use dried beans more than canned because they are so much cheaper, but I haven’t quite gotten the hang of them yet. Case in point: before we went up to class on Tuesday, I did the quick-cook method with some black beans for the skillet dish. Alas, I did not realize that the “quick cook” method (as it is confusingly titled on the back of the Goya bag) really means “quick soak” and that the beans are not fulled cooked when finished. So my skillet dish had to simmer for two hours, instead of 20 minutes. We had dinner at 11 pm. Luckily, neither of us had been very hungry when we got home around 8ish.

So I haven’t cooked anything since Tuesday night. I have no idea what I’ll make tonight. I could do spaghetti with Italian sausage and some kind of vegetable, I could do battered fish with scallion mashed potatoes and green beans, or I could do sausage with some kind of autumnal veggie dish (I have acorn squash, sweet potatoes, apples, carrots, onions, red potatoes, cabbage, fennel, etc.) or creamy apples and onions a la Orangette. Or maybe, just maybe, I will make red wheat bulghur with garlic and honey and top with braised carrots and cabbage and fennel.

The weather has been chilly and raw lately, and the trees are desperately trying to turn colors. I’m having to dig my long-sleeved shirts and sweaters out of their summer storage. Soon, I’ll have to switch out my closet, as it’s too small to hold all of my clothes. Especially since I need to wear dressy clothes to work everyday now. It’s making me crave sweet-savory things and all kinds of root veggies. It seems weird that the farmers markets still have tomatoes and sweet corn out.

Speaking of, the museum has a very lovely looking farmers’ market every Wednesday in their large parking lot. I didn’t go this past week because 1) I had no cash on me and 2) I didn’t want the veggies to sit in my car for the next 8 hours since I had class that night. However, I might go next week. I think I will abandon Adam’s for the time being and do all of my produce shopping at this farmers’ market. Especially since they also sell bread. *nom, nom, nom*

*sigh* And now I think it’s time to do some cleaning.

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  1. Rathwirt permalink
    September 25, 2009 8:39 AM

    Somebody needs a Garmin!

  2. vintagejenta permalink*
    September 26, 2009 9:02 AM

    Yes, yes I do. That’s on the wishlist, along with a new chest of drawers, a real vacuum, an elliptical machine, a computer upgrade, and various kitchen things. : ) Unless, of course, you want to give me one! Then I could strike it off of the list! : D

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