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Band-ied About

August 26, 2009

I’ve been surrounded by music my whole life. First, my mom sang to me as a baby and rocked the rhythm in the rocking chair. Then, I was in children’s choir in church. Then, I took violin at school. Then I was in orchestra, sang in the choruses of various school musicals, discovered Scandinavian folk music I played (and occasionally performed) on my own, took private violin lessons and symphony orchestra in college, and sang harmony and played improv folk violin/fiddle in an all-girl roots music band. Now I play improv folk/blues/jazz fiddle in a kind-of-sort-of americana/roots band with a couple of male guitar players.

Today while in the shower I was twiddling with a couple of songs/half-songs I’d written while playing with the Pastry Shop Girls. They never came to much and I’m not satisfied with them, but I think the catchier, faster one might be going somewhere. The other one is a little slower, kind of silly “blues” tune about stuff that goes on wrong in a kitchen. And that’s when it occurred to me. I need to be in an all-girl band called “The Kitchenettes” and our first album needs to be titled “Domesti City.” Yep. Awesome, huh? We need to play ’30s and ’40s flavored roots music (a.k.a. jazz/blues/folk/old-time/gospel/etc.) on acoustic instruments and sing harmony. So really, I want to be back in the Pastry Shop Girls, or in a band like Red Molly.

Apparently there is already a German, ’60s-style rock/girl group band called “The Basement Brothers: featuring The Kitchenettes.” It’s quite cute, actually. There is also a jazz/american songbook/cabaret-style trio of ladies with broadway voices called The Kitchenettes as well. A little silly with their songs, a little too much voice vibrato, and too much head-singing for my taste, but good harmonies and not bad.

Speaking of CD Baby (the last link will lead you there) you should really head over there sometime and enter something in the “sounds like” search box and click on. I picked “Gillian Welch” and am finding some pretty good artists. Plus, most of the CDs available are $12-10 or sometimes even less.

Did I mention that I’m currently a little in love with Madeleine Peyroux? She has an amazing voice and does jazzy, bluesy, french-y songs reminiscent of Billie Holiday combined with a modern pop songstress, like Regina Spektor. I’ve got her 2006 album, Half the Perfect World and I want the rest! She’s my jazz version of Gillian Welch, who is my Neo New Depression version of Dolly Parton, who is the modern version of The Carter Family. : D I love music.

And now? I’m off to go play fiddle at my usual Wednesday gig. Alas, this will be my last one for at least a semester, ’cause next week I start my evening classes. The Wednesday night one? A history reading course on the Great Depression!

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  1. August 26, 2009 6:05 PM

    I want to join your band! I’ll play guitar. I love folk music and am obsessed.

  2. vintagejenta permalink*
    August 26, 2009 8:48 PM

    Wheee! Move to NY and we’ll start a girl band! Because clearly, the music scene in Chicago is not good enough. : P

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