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Coolest kitchen appliances ever!

August 6, 2009

In talking about my dream kitchen, I must note that I have always loved retro-styled fridges and vintage gas stoves. So it was always something of a disappointment to see gorgeous, vintage-inspired kitchens with giant rectangles of stainless steel in the middle.

So when I saw this on today, I *squee!*’d.

Big Chill Retro fridge

Big Chill Retro fridge

Yes, children, this is a butter yellow retro-looking refrigerator. They also come in orange, light green, baby blue, pink, red, white, and black. My only beef? No aqua! : (

Also, they are a bit spendy at $2,695 for the regular size, $2,495 for the smaller studio size. But this is my dream house we’re talking about, right? I can afford anything in my dream house!

Did I mention they also have stoves and dishwashers?

I do prefer the late ’20s, early ’30s ranges, though. You know, the ones that look like stacks of boxes on legs? I particularly like the pale yellow with green trim ones.

I’ve always loved colored appliances and think it is kind of silly that they stopped making colorful appliances after the ’70s. Won’t that be lovely? An all-white kitchen with hints of butter yellow and jade green and aqua and cobalt blue?

*sigh* Ah well. Someday, someday. A girl can always dream…

I injured my knee the other day and my nurse aunt told me to RICE (rest-ice-compression-elevation) it. So I’ll likely be posting again later, since I can’t do much else but lie on the couch, watch TV, and dink around on the internet. Let’s hope the ibproufen and ice will help the inflammation go down a little. It’s not a bad injury, and it doesn’t hurt, I just don’t want to mess up my knee.

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