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Polar Seltzer deliciousness

August 3, 2009

Polar sodas and seltzers are apparently a New York thing, but they are delicious. They make a strangely addictive, but slightly terrible for you Diet Double Fudge soda (that’s right CHOCOLATE soda), but I’m partial to the seltzers.

Back home, we would always get Klarbrunn flavored sparkling waters, which were produced in Wisconsin. Flavored sparkling waters are basically seltzer/carbonated water with fruity (or other) flavors, but no sugar or artificial sweeteners or sodium added.

The other day I bought the Ruby Red Grapefruit and Blueberry flavors. Haven’t tried the blueberry, but the grapefruit is amazing! It even smells delicious.

If I were a drinking woman, I would be combining these badboys with some vodka, gin, or rum. As it is, I’m tempted to buy some grenadine or Rose’s lime. Or possibly some flavored schnapps. Or better yet, some Monin flavored syrups. Can you imagine the Vanilla seltzer with some caramel syrup? It’d be like cream soda with half the calories. Or lime seltzer splashed into cranberry juice (or, if you like the sweet, cocktail?). Nom….

Also, the sodas and seltzers are $0.99 for a liter, which is a way better deal than other bottled sodas. And better for you! Well, the seltzers, anyway.

Bought another loaf of french bread and finished off the soup tonight. Delicious. Tomorrow morning we are getting up at 4 AM, going to pick up a friend whose car died, then heading upstate to Fort Ticonderoga for a day of awesomeness with his coworkers. So it’s an early bedtime for us tonight!

Anywho, just thought I would update about the yummies. And share that the coconut macaroons are seriously growing on me, despite the 2 cups of flour fiasco. Next time, I think I will add a 1/2 cup, instead of the 2 tablespoons (remember, I doubled the recipe last time, so I technically put in one cup of flour per batch). We’ll see what happens!

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  1. Richard permalink
    January 10, 2010 8:36 PM


    do you know where in NYC you can find polar beverages for sale? I got addicted to their Birch Beer when I was in college in Worcester, and to the best of my knowledge, their products were only sold in New England. I try to stock up whenever I’m in Connecticut, but today I saw a polar bottle on the side of the road in Brooklyn and am doing some searching when I came across your entry. Thanks for your help!

    • vintagejenta permalink*
      January 11, 2010 6:20 AM

      Hi Richard,

      I live up in the Hudson Valley, and the only place I’ve ever seen them is Price Chopper and Adam’s Fairacre Farms, neither of which I believe you have in NYC. I would maybe check specialty/import stores. In my opinion, chances are if they have Orangina, they probably have Polar. You could also check the polar website for stores near you. Good luck! Birch beer is amazing!

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