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Food-asaurus Rex

July 10, 2009

I went grocery shopping today (after baking some successful, but slightly disappointing scones to go with the curd – will post more tomorrow) and spent about $60, mostly on fresh fruit. Sweet northern cherries (dark red ones) were on sale for $2 a pound and Rainier-types (yellow & red) were $2.50, so I bought two pounds of the sweet and a pound of the Rainier. I also bought southern peaches and red pears. Yum! Can’t wait to make something of it all.

However, it does sadden me that I can’t seem to tap into the farmer’s market thing this valley has going for it big time. Adam’s Fairacre Farms has some local stuff, but the town farmer’s market I went to last Thursday (not yesterday, the Thursday before) was a big disappointment. Cherries were $6 a PINT and all the veg stand had were carrots, onions, and greens. No zucchini, no cucumbers, no early beans or peas, not even any tomatoes. Wtf, farmers? I know it’s been a rainy summer, but shouldn’t most of that stuff have gone in the ground in late April?

I am limited significantly by my food storage space. Our fridge is a small apartment one (shorter than me, and I’m only 5’6″) and the freezer space, once you put in at least two cartons of ice cream, frozen juice concentrate, and lots of frozen veg, not to mention 4 ice cube trays, there’s not a lot of room left.

When the boy and I find a place, we’re definitely going to try and get a chest freezer or an upright freezer (though chests are cheaper and lighter and easier to transport) for extra stuff. That way we could go to U-pick places, get seasonal fruit cheap, and I could process it at home and we COULD have strawberries in January and they’d actually be kind of good, albeit a bit soggy.

We are getting incrementally closer to that goal. I got an e-mail back on a job I applied for asking when I was free for a phone interview. It’s for an administrative assistant/writer position at an environmental law firm up north a ways. All fingers absolutely crossed that I get the job! It’s a bit of a hike up north, but it pays very well and I think it would actually be quite fun. Plus, I’d finally get a chance to wear all of the dress clothes I’ve acquired over the years in anticipation of an office job. : D

It’s been a good day, despite the fact that I spent so much money on food. Making lemon curd was way too much fun, but now what to do with all of it? Any easy ideas for using up a quart of lemon curd that don’t include the use of a loaf pan or springform pans?

And now, since it’s ridiculously late, I’m off to bed. And apologies if this was all a little incoherent. Sometimes I wonder why even both to post so late at night. But, sometimes it’s worth it and sometimes it’s not. You tell me if it was tonight.

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