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Summer fun

July 2, 2009

Though it’s been rainy lately, the boy and I have been trying to get out for walks. Today we did another one at the Stewart Forest, down a different road this time, and clocked at least 4 miles in about an hour and twenty minutes (stopping to watch the sunset and frogs in the roadside pools, of course).

I got ambitious this afternoon. I made  peanut butter cookies from a bag as per a request from one of the boy’s coworkers for “something peanut butter.” I also made a cherry rhubarb cobbler that is quite delicious. Here is the recipe:

Cherry-Rhubarb Cobbler:

1 box Jiffy brand corn muffin mix
4 Tablespoons butter
1/2 cup milk
1 cup each (appx.) halved and pitted sweet cherries and chopped rhubarb, or enough to thickly cover the bottom of the pan
appx. 1 1/4 cups sugar
1 or 2 pieces candied ginger, chopped fine
2 teaspoons powdered ginger
1/2-3/4 Tablespoon cornstarch or 3-4 Tablespoons flour

Toss cherries and rhubarb in 3/4 cup sugar and the cornstarch. Pour into grease 8×8″ glass pan.

Dump Jiffy mix into bowl, mix in butter until well combined. Add gingers and 1/2 cup sugar and mix. Add milk and mix until just moistened (no beating!). Milk may be runny around edges of mix. Pour onto fruit and spread out. Top with more sugar if desired. Bake at 375 for 25-30 minutes. Serve with vanilla ice cream!

Serves 6-9 people.

The boy and I are munching away right now. Amazing! I might add a little more ginger next time, possibly some to the fruit as well, but it turned out quite lovely.

I also made chicken breast marinated overnight in lemon juice and garlic and cooked with a bit of salt. Served with steamed broccoli. Healthy AND delicious!

And now, it’s time to cuddle the boy and finish dessert. Yum!

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