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Blackberry walk

June 29, 2009

Last night the boy and I went for a long walk in the Stewart State Forest area. Apparently some time ago (the 70s? 80s?) Stewart International Airport was going to become the hub of supersonic air travel. So, in order to not disturb the people living around Stewart Airport (also an Air Force base), the state used eminent domain to kick them off of 6,000 acres around the airport and called it a “buffer zone,” so that the sound-barrier-breaking planes would not disrupt daily life. The citizens who lived there fought hard (clearly, I would, too) and so in order to win their case, the state had to promise the land would never be developed, which they eagerly agreed to, because clearly, the supersonic air travel would make the investment worthwhile and no one would want to build there anyway. Right?

Ooops. Then the fuel crisis hit, supersonic air travel drastically declined in popularity and viability, and the state was stuck with 6,000 acres of valuable land they couldn’t develop. So, it got turned into a park. A giant park.

So the boy and I walked a brisk 3 miles down one of the old roads, managed to avoid most of the biting bugs (though the horse flies and deer flies were buzzing, but not biting, by the end of the walk), got good and sweaty (it was hot and humid out), and stumbled upon a massive bramble of blackberries! We also saw rose bushes and daylilies competeing with the weeds and wildflowers, as well as stone walls, remnants of driveways, and a tree growing through the middle of an old tire.

We picked over a cupful of sweet, dark, ripe blackberries on the way back, so today I think I will make clafoutis, which would be the perfect complementing fruit for clafoutis.

The boy’s coworkers have been thoroughly enjoying the madeleines (aka, gobbling them up and leaving none for the bosses!), which is good because then I won’t eat them. I sent more along today. His coworkers will be excited.

I’m up early because I helped him get ready to go spend his day off with a coworker to help out a former coworker at his new job. They are doing Rev. War demos down at West Point for the day. So I packed madeleines, made a giant cooler of cherry lime water, watched him get dressed in his sexy officer’s uniform, and then sent him off to work. Hopefully it won’t be blazing hot today so he won’t roast.

Tomorrow we are thinking of going up to the mountains to go hiking and swimming. Should be fun, except that we have to do laundry tonight. And I have no idea what to make for supper. Last night was BLTs. Night before was tuna melts with potato salad. I’m running out of ideas! Lol… No, I’ll think of something.

If it doesn’t get too hot, I might tackle scones as well as clafoutis. I have some dried apricots and candied ginger just screaming to be used up!

And now? Back to bed before I pass out from only 5 hours of sleep.

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