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Hot weather, cold food

June 25, 2009

It has been very hot here in midstate NY this week. Yesterday was awful, but today has been slightly better, hotter, but much, much less humid. Last night the boy and I went to Panera, which was the first time I had eaten there. A bit pricey, though, not more than Quizno’s, and surprisingly good! The boy and I both had chicken salad sandwiches, which was an excellent choice. I had mine on ciabatta. Best decision in a while! : ) It was delish.

Tonight I’m making dinner. I made pasta salad this morning, just whole wheat rotini with cucumbers, fresh tomatoes, garlic, and a homemade vinaigrette. Oh! And fresh basil from the little basil plant I bought yesterday! Rhubarb from his parents’ place is currently transforming itself into a clafoutis in the oven, which is unfortunately also heating up the kitchen. And when the boy gets home (hopefully with vanilla ice cream in tow), I’ll be frying up some chicken to go with the salad and clafoutis.

I’ve been wanting desperately to bake, since we went to the local co-op upstate by his parents’ and I stocked up on lots of lovely baking supplies. I want to try madeleines, buckwheat date bars, more coconut macaroons, cherry cresecents revisited (going to seal the seams this time, since that wasn’t included in the recipe instructions and they leaked), oatmeal macaroons that include malted milk powder, and peaches & cream pie with that cream cheese pie crust from Art Smith.

When we were at his parents, his mom made this amazing potato salad. Just potatoes, thinly sliced onions, mayonnaise, lots of dill, and something tangy and lovely I couldn’t place. The secret? Vinegar! Wanted to try making some today, but I am fresh out of room in the fridge!

I’ve also become addicted to NCIS, since USA has been playing marathons for the past two days. The boy wanted to get me hooked, and am I ever hooked! The characters are hilarious and pretty much the only reason why I watch.

Anywho, should go call the boy and make sure he’s picking up the ice cream. Should also start the chicken and check on the clafoutis. Hopefully it’ll cool off enough tomorrow to bake madeleines!

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