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The big move

June 14, 2009

It took three days and 29 hours of driving, but I’ve made my big move to NY! We drove 17 hours the first day from Fargo to West Chester, OH, which is where my grandparents live. We spent the night with them and all day Friday. The boy got to meet the extended fam and we had a very nice time. Then early Sat. morning we headed out of OH and into PA, stopping to visit a friend for a few hours, then pushing on to NY. We left about 8:30 am and got home at about 10:30 pm.

Today some friends and coworkers are coming over to help us move all my crap up three flights of stairs and I’m cooking! Hopefully. I’m planning on making tacos, but I also wanted to make rice & beans, and only have one skillet! So we’ll see what happens.

The boy and I are looking for new place, but it looks like we might be stuck here for a while. So I’ve got lots of cleaning and organizing to do! : D

Okay, the boy is out of the shower, so I’ve got to go. We’ve got grocery shopping to do! : D

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