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I have too much “stuff.”

March 16, 2009

So, I’m moving to NY this summer and I can for sure only take one car, maybe two. Granted, that car will hopefully be a Pontiac Vibe, or similar, so I can fit a LOT of stuff in it, but still. I have a lot of stuff to weed through.

Mainly, books, clothes, and kitchenware. Luckily, my little sister is getting her own place this summer, so I can pass a lot of my kitchen stuff on to her (older pots and pans, all my plastic dishes and some of my glass stuff). HOWEVER, I also have collected a lot of serving dishes and stemware over the years that I do not want to get rid of!

I was reading through cookbooks today, trying to decide what to get rid of. So far: two! *rolls eyes at self* I’m also going to have to be heartless with my huge non-fiction collection. Most of my French and all of my environmental stuff is going to have to go, as is anything that’s not American history (I’m studying to be a public historian, so I need those!). Fiction, too, I’m going to have to be merciless with.

I’ve already weeded through my closet, including getting rid of 13 pairs of shoes (but only two purses). I also have tons of DVDs and CDs. I think I will donate many of my CDs to my mother (we have similar taste in music and most of my stuff is on my computer) and many of my DVDs to my sister and parents.

It’s very strange how easy it is for me to accumulate so much stuff! Alas, I am a veteran “bargain” shopper and love to cruise thrift stores for books and kitchenware. Thankfully, since I was sick with mono and couldn’t work for two weeks, and since I owe the IRS tax money (yay non-profit jobs that are technically contract labor…?), I am very poor right now.

Still, as I look through my cookbooks, I find myself wanting to expand my collection of kitchen things!

So far I need:
a pastry brush
a pastry cutter
a dutch oven
a cast iron skillet
8 and 9″ and a 9×13″ cake pans
a crock pot
a baster
a rolling pin
biscuit cutters (although I like the idea of square biscuits — no wasted dough!)
a ladle (no, I don’t have one)

See? Those are all pretty basic, right? *sigh* But I have to wait until my move to NY to purchase them. It’s just so much easier that way…

Alright, time to go teach Norwegian!

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  1. April 1, 2009 9:25 PM

    So I have to ask:

    As someone who is clearly a farm / country person in touch with the earth: Why oh why are you moving to New York? (I’m assuming you mean N.Y. City – if it’s upstate / rural N.Y. then I understand…

    I’ve been to NYC a couple of times. Now you could not get me to live there with a $100,000 job. I’m just not a high rise urban person…

  2. April 1, 2009 9:44 PM

    Never mind the last comment. Found the answer under the “About” tab at the top.

    Upstate it is. That can be a very nice place (and one of the few places where I would build a home in a place named “oxbow” since many of the upstate oxbow lakes are terminal lakes from glacial melt at the end of an ice age, not a river bend, and I don’t think glaciers are much of a risk today!

  3. vintagejenta permalink*
    April 2, 2009 5:13 PM

    Lol! Yes, I love upstate NY. It’s very Midwestern for an East Coast state!

    You could not pay me to live in NYC. Well, okay, maybe if you paid me a lot of money and I got a really nice apartment and had a rooftop garden. But even then. The only good thing about NYC is the halfways decent public transportation system. : D

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